This article describes how to connect to an NFS-Share in Barrelfish.


Before we can connect to a NFS-Share we need a server that provides us with this functionality. In this article we assume that the server is located at and exports the folder /home/barrelfish via NFSv3 to the Barrelfish machine. Setting up the server is out of the scope of this article.


We first create a folder

mkdir /nfs

and can then connect to the NFS-Share


In our concrete example the last command would look as following.

mount /nfs nfs://


If you get the following error after the mount command

ERROR: fish.0 in mount() ../usr/fish/fish.c:477
ERROR: in vfs_mount /nfs nfs://
Failure: (            nfs)    Permission denied [NFS_ERR_MNT_ACCES]

and the log messages of the server shows

mountd[31633]: refused mount request from for /home/barrelfish (/home/barrelfish): illegal port 33288

then you have to edit your /etc/exports on the server. The problem here is that the request originated from an internet port less than IPPORT_RESERVED (1024) which is usually prohibited by NFS. To allow these request, add the insecure option to the corresponding share. The /etc/exports could look as following:


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