The Barrelfish source contains a number of technical notes, which are rough and ready documentation, tutorials, reference manuals etc. for the system. A recent snapshot of PDF files is available on the Barrelfish web site, but the most up-to-date versions are in the tree. This article describes how to generate these.

The instructions below assume you downloaded the Barrelfish source and configured it as described in Getting Started with Barrelfish.


Additionally to the requirements listed in Getting Started with Barrelfish you need the following tools:


Change into the build directory of the Barrelfish source

cd barrelfish/build

and run

make docs

After the generation finished, the documents can be found in



If you get the following error, check if the dot program (which ships with graphviz) is properly installed.

dot -Tpdf ../doc/010-spec/ -o ./tools/tmp/app_cspace.pdf 
make: dot: Command not found

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